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entrepreneurs and innovators are changing their relationship towards resources

CEBIT - Hannover. Companies like Bonaverde belong to a few precious businesses who believe that through innovation resources can be used more sustainably. @friedrich met up with Kike Molares to discuss the future of sustainability and what role business, technology and politics need to take. We agree that sustainability is a gradual process, nevertheless, we have the technology to act now to further promote better business practices. We believe that shifting our efforts in promoting better practices of sustainable innovation, we can create a real alternative to economic, social and political developments.


In light of populist movements gaining traction throughout the US, Europe and South America, we also see that politics and social movements based on kindness, integration and sustainability are effective measures to halt sentiments of despair, bigotry and nationalism. In promoting sustainable business practices we can create new jobs, new opportunities, and unite these in a global effort. This parts of from nationally centered economics towards a global unification of interests.


Supporting innovators and entrepreneurs who denounce the exploitation of resources is key in moving towards a brighter future. Providing financial, organisational and political assistance is vital to further promote better business practices.  

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