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Our services

We, sustainnovation, are a business consultancy focused on the innovation and creation of new concepts for the environment, agriculture and the food value chain.

Proof of concept

Managing and implementing the project

We provide you with our technical and practical skills to assist you in the development of your business. We examine the roots and heritage of your project to support its development and healthy implementation.

Our entrepreneurial, and financial backgrounds allow us to broaden the scope on which we can assess and develop unique ideas that cooperate with the values of sustainnovation.  

We assist the management and implementation of projects. Combining profit orientated and sustainable management lies at the core of our business approach. Allow us to collaborate and effectively assist your project succeed. 

Financing and investor search

Communicating the benefit

Our entrepreneurial, financial and specified industry experience is a useful tool in the communication of the core value and unique personality of your business approach. We communicate your project to investors and financial institutions to secure a  solid and stable financial solution.

Whilst such process often becomes secondary in priority, it remains key to succeed in selling ethical and sustainable business practices. Our network of both institutional and creative partners has allowed us to provide the necessary selling points. We are able to establish powerful and effective tools to make your project matter. We don't only communicate the benefit, we consolidate the benefit.    

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